Business Accounts

What Is a RocketKOR Business Account?

A Business Account was created for your organization during the onboarding process. RocketKOR uses this Business Account to identify and manage your organization on the platform. You will use your Business Account to set up and manage the information you require in order to move money and manage your organization.

The RocketKOR platform is designed with enterprise grade flexibility that allows your organization to scale on demand. For this reason, your Business Account is configured as a Parent Business Account with one or more Child Business Accounts, as determined during onboarding. For example, you may have separate Child accounts for different divisions, branches, or lines of business. Because these Child accounts are grouped under a single Parent Business Account, you can access and manage all of your accounts using a single set of login credentials.

Within each Child Business Account, you can configure your RocketKOR solutions, Recipient Accounts, Customer Accounts, and Financial Accounts. You can also manage transaction limits, roles and permissions, and RocketKOR Portal users (called Team Members).

Note  A Child Business Account may contain its own Child Business Accounts.

Note  When using the APIs, you will typically interact with a Child Business Account. To keep things simple, Parent and Child accounts are referred to simply as Business Accounts in the API documentation.

RocketKOR Account Structure

The RocketKOR account structure is shown in the following diagram. This hierarchy starts with your Parent Business Account, which contains one or more Child Business Accounts. Each Child Business Account contains Business Financial Accounts. It may also contain Recipient Accounts and Recipient Financial Accounts and/or Customer Accounts and Customer Financial Accounts.

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RocketKOR Account Structure: Parent and Child Business Accounts