Issue a Card

Issue a new debit, credit, prepaid, or gift card to a Customer Account. A new integrated Financial Account will be created for the issued card.

To issue a new card, you will need:

  • Access to the RocketKOR Card Issuing Solution. This access must be granted to the Business Account associated with the request access token.
  • A Card Program ID. The issued card will be created within this program.
  • An ACTIVE business or individual Customer Account. The card will be issued to this Customer. The Customer Account must have all of the required fields for Card Issuing.

Issued cards are shipped in an inactive state. Use the Activate Card API to activate a card once it has been received by the Customer.


POST /v1/integrated-cards

Authorization Header

Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

Idempotency-Key Header


Idempotency-Key: <key>

where <key> is a v4 UUID or any other unique string with a maximum length of 255 characters.

The idempotency key identifies the request. By using the same idempotency key and parameters, you can safely retry a request (for example, if there’s a network error) and the request will only be executed once. This ensures that calling the API multiple times will not result in duplicate requests. For more information, see About Idempotent Calls.

Request Body


string, max length: 100, min length: 1

Name for the Financial Account. This is an informal name used for the account in RocketKOR. The issued card is linked to this Financial Account.

subtype  REQUIRED

string enum, values: DEBIT, CREDIT, PREPAID, GIFT

Type of card.


boolean, default: false

Whether this is the Customer’s default Financial Account for transactions. If set to true, defaultFlag will be set to false for the Customer’s previous default Financial Account.

currency  REQUIRED

string, max length: 3, min length: 3

default: USD

Currency of the Financial Account. Must be an ISO 4217 alpha 3-character currency code. RocketKOR supports USD and CAD currencies.

accountHolderId  REQUIRED

string (UUID)

ID of the Customer Account for which the card is being issued.



Details for the issued card attached to the Financial Account.

solution  REQUIRED


Name of the RocketKOR solution used for the card issuance.

startingNumber  REQUIRED


Starting numbers for the card as defined in the Card Program. These numbers identify the card BIN (Bank Identification Number) and the Card Program ID.

programId  REQUIRED


Card Program ID.


string enum, values: NORMAL, URGENT, VIP, BULK, BULK_URGENT, BULK_VIP, default: NORMAL

Card shipping method. The following values are supported:

  • NORMAL  Normal shipment.
  • URGENT  Urgent shipment.
  • VIP  VIP shipment.
  • BULK  Bulk shipment.
  • BULK_URGENT  Urgent bulk shipment.
  • BULK_VIP  VIP bulk shipment.



Information to print on the 4th embossing line of the card.

usCitizen  REQUIRED


Whether the Customer is a citizen of the United States.



Referral link/URL in the client application that is the source of the request.

acceptedTermsDate  REQUIRED

string (date), required format: yyyy-MM-dd

Date that the terms and conditions were accepted in the client application.

readPrivacyPolicyDate  REQUIRED

string (date), required format: yyyy-MM-dd

Date the privacy policy was marked as read in the client application.

acceptedAgreement  REQUIRED


Whether the cardholder agreement was accepted in the client application.


string enum, values: ADMIN_ONLY, ADMIN_PROMO, NEITHER

Type of alerts to send to the Customer. The following values are supported:

  • ADMIN_ONLY  Administrative alerts only
  • ADMIN_PROMO  Administrative and promotional alerts
  • NEITHER  No alerts



Language code for the language in which the card is issued. The following values are supported:

  • en  English
  • es  Espanol
  • fr  French
  • en_US  English/US
  • es_US  Espanol/US
  • pt  Portugues


Returns the Issued Card Financial Account object. This object contains details about the integrated Financial Account and the issued card that is linked to the Financial Account.


  "name": "Debit Card",
  "subtype": "CREDIT",
  "defaultFlag": false,
  "currency": "USD",
  "accountHolderId": "6d0b12d8-6e9d-4021-85da-b42ab3845f11",
  "card": {
    "solution": "card-issuing",
    "startingNumber": "412345",
    "programId": "123",
    "shippingMethod": "NORMAL",
    "extraEmbossingLine": "",
    "usCitizen": true,
    "referralSource": "",
    "acceptedTermsDate": "2023-02-09",
    "readPrivacyPolicyDate": "2023-02-09",
    "acceptedAgreement": true,
    "alertTypes": "ADMIN_ONLY",
    "issuedLanguageCode": "en_US"


  "id": "7d08a89d-2ac5-4ed3-a6ca-ad7c974c994e",
  "businessAccountId": "b535dce9-b71a-4f7b-b27f-73e47b13e7a5",
  "name": "Debit Card",
  "category": "INTEGRATED",
  "type": "CARD",
  "subtype": "DEBIT",
  "defaultFlag": false,
  "currency": "USD",
  "accountHolderId": "6d0b12d8-6e9d-4021-85da-b42ab3845f11",
  "accountHolderType": "CUSTOMER",
  "state": "ACTIVE",
  "stateReason": "CARD_ACTIVATED",
  "maskedAccountNumber": "******4823",
  "createdAt": "2023-02-09T02:31:07.792Z",
  "updatedAt": "2023-02-11T02:31:07.793Z",
  "card": {
    "solution": "card-issuing",
    "startingNumber": "412345",
    "programId": "123",
    "shippingMethod": "NORMAL",
    "extraEmbossingLine": "",
    "usCitizen": true,
    "referralSource": "",
    "acceptedTermsDate": "2023-02-09",
    "readPrivacyPolicyDate": "2023-02-09",
    "acceptedAgreement": true,
    "alertTypes": "ADMIN_ONLY",
    "issuedLanguageCode": "en_US",
    "cardNumber": "412345987442231477",
    "expiry": "2027-12",
    "nameOnCard": "John Smith",
    "issuedDateTime": "2023-02-09",
    "reissueDateTime": "2023-03-09",
    "reissueReason": "DAMAGED",
    "externalBankAccount": {
      "bankName": "Citibank",
      "routingNo": "228264850",
      "accountNumber": "16322",
      "accountNumberTail": "22",
      "nameOnAccount": "Mary Jones",
      "businessName": "ABC Corporation"
    "externalCardReferenceId": "123456"