LinX Service

What is the RocketKOR LinX Service?

LinX (pronounced “Links”) is an orchestration service that allows you to collect information from Customers and perform multiple business activities in a single automated workflow.

Using minimal Customer contact details, such as a mobile number, LinX manages the required communications and processes to securely collect information from your Customers and perform any combination of activities, such as:

  • Creating new Customer Accounts
  • Updating existing Customer Accounts
  • Adding new Financial Accounts for a Customer
  • Obtaining Customer agreement to legal documents
  • Executing transactions using new or existing Financial Accounts

LinX provides push notifications to the Business Account with updates on account creation and transaction status events. You can enable push notifications for a Business Account on the RocketKOR Portal.

LinX supports a variety of use cases, such as:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Obtaining account debit authorizations
  • Acceptance of product terms and conditions
  • Payment collections
  • Rent collections
  • Issuing rebates
  • Automated bank account opening (future feature)
  • Automated card issuing (future feature)

How Does LinX Work?

Use the RocketKOR APIs or Portal to create a LinX request for a new or existing Customer. The request defines the activities RocketKOR will execute for the Customer.

The following diagram shows the process to execute a LinX request.

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LinX Request Life Cycle

1. Create and Configure the LinX Request

You can create a LinX request for a new Customer or an existing RocketKOR Customer — all you need is the Customer’s mobile number.

Use the RocketKOR APIs or Portal to create the request and define the activities to execute for the Customer. You can combine any of the following activities:

  • Create a new Customer Account or update an existing Customer Account
  • Add a new external bank or card Financial Account for the Customer
  • Obtain the Customer’s agreement to legal documents
  • Execute a transaction using the Customer’s Financial Account

The following features will be added to LinX requests in the near future:

  • Ability to send batch LinX requests to multiple Customers
  • Ability to save a LinX request workflow as a template

2. RocketKOR Contacts the Customer

When you submit the LinX request using the RocketKOR APIs or Portal, RocketKOR sends a link directly to the Customer via SMS. The Customer will use this link to review and complete the steps in the LinX request.

Note that the Customer must complete the request before the link expires. Customers will receive regular SMS reminders about the link expiry date until they successfully confirm the request. You can also use the APIs or Portal to extend the link expiry period and to resend the notification to the Customer, as long as the request is still active.

3. Customer Completes the LinX Request Steps

When the Customer clicks the link they received from RocketKOR, they are directed to the secure RocketKOR Gateway where they can review and confirm the activities in the request. For example, the Customer may be prompted to:

  • Enter details (such as their name and address) to create a new Customer Account, or enter additional information (such as a mailing address) to enhance their Customer Account
  • Enter details to create a new external bank or card Financial Account
  • Accept required documents, such as terms and conditions
  • Review transaction details
  • Accept or decline a transaction

If the Customer declines a transaction, they are prompted to select a predefined reason (such as incorrect amount) or specify a reason.

As the Customer completes the LinX request steps, RocketKOR executes the activities, such as creating or updating the Customer Account, creating a new Financial Account, storing the Customer’s acceptance of legal documents, and creating a transaction.

4. RocketKOR Confirms the Transaction

If the LinX request includes a transaction, the Customer will receive SMS notifications regarding the transaction status.

If push notifications are enabled, RocketKOR will send status updates to the Business Account regarding account creation and transaction status events.