Create PIN

Create a PIN for an issued or reissued card. You cannot create a PIN if the Financial Account for the card is currently suspended.

To create the card PIN, you will need:

  • RocketKOR PCI Compliance Status
  • RocketKOR encryption keys (issued during onboarding)
  • ID of the integrated Financial Account for the card
  • PIN as an encrypted PIN block

Note  To automatically generate a new PIN, use the Reset PIN API.


POST /v1/integrated-cards/{financialAccountId}/set-pin

Authorization Header

Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

Idempotency-Key Header

Idempotency-Key: <key>

where <key> is a v4 UUID or any other unique string with a minimum length of 6 characters and a maximum length of 255 characters.

The idempotency key identifies the request. If a network error occurs, you can safely retry the request using the same idempotency key and the request will only be executed once. This ensures that calling the API multiple times will not result in duplicate requests. For more information, see Idempotent Calls.

Path Parameters

financialAccountId  REQUIRED

string (UUID)

ID of the integrated Financial Account. The issued card is linked to this Financial Account.

Request Body


string, min length: 4, max length: 12

New PIN for the card. Must be provided as an encrypted PIN block.


string, min length: 4, max length: 12

Existing PIN for the card. Can be provided for authentication. Must be provided as an encrypted PIN block.


If successful, returns 204 Pin Set Success.


  "newPin": "69292547",
  "pin": "13491817"


  204 Pin Set Success