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Transaction Limits

What Are Transaction Limits?

For your financial safety and to enforce government financial regulations, Push to Card transaction limits are defined for your RocketKOR account during the onboarding process. These limits determine the maximum transaction amounts allowed when sending money from your Business Accounts.

Your Parent Business Account, Child Business Accounts, and Business Financial Accounts each have their own set of transaction limits. These limits include:

  • Single   Maximum amount allowed for a single transaction.
  • Daily   Maximum cumulative amount allowed for a single day (00:00 – 23:59:59:59 EST).
  • Weekly  Maximum cumulative amount allowed for one week (Monday 00:00 – Sunday 23:59:59:59 EST).
  • Monthly  Maximum cumulative amount allowed for one month (first day of month 00:00 – last day of month 23:59:59:59 EST).

Transaction limits are enforced as part of a hierarchy, as shown in the following diagram.

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Transaction Limits Hierarchy

Transaction Limits by Currency

Business Accounts and Financial Accounts can have transaction limits for different currencies. For example, a Financial Account may have separate limits for USD and CAD currencies.

Viewing Transaction Limits

You can view the transaction limits for a Child Business Account and its Financial Accounts on the RocketKOR Portal. Business Account and Financial Account limits can also be accessed through the RocketKOR APIs.