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Service Accounts

What are Service Accounts?

RocketKOR Service Accounts perform an essential role: allowing your applications to make authorized API calls on the RocketKOR platform.

A Service Account is a non-human user of a Business Account that performs functions (such as creating transactions) via the RocketKOR APIs on behalf of the Business Account. A Service Account is always tied to a specific Business Account. A Business Account may have multiple Service Accounts, each with their own role and API key, that are used for different purposes.

Similar to a human user, a Service Account is granted a role that determines its permissions on the RocketKOR platform. For example, the Service Account’s role determines if it can create transactions, manage Recipients, and/or manage Financial Accounts.

Service Accounts are created and managed by RocketKOR Operations.

How Do I Authenticate a Service Account?

A Service Account must be authenticated and authorized in order to call the RocketKOR APIs. A Service Account is issued an API key and secret when the account is created. You can exchange this information for an access token you can use to authenticate requests. For details, see Authentication.