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What is the RocketKOR LinX Feature?

The LinX (pronounced “Links”) feature allows you to reliably orchestrate and execute core application business logic in RocketKOR using a simplified, flexible programmatic interface.

Using minimal identifiers such as an email address or mobile phone number, LinX manages the communications and processes to securely collect information and perform any combination of functions such as creating Customer Accounts, adding new Financial Accounts, or even executing transactions. You can also use LinX to contact your customers for the mass collection of electronic account debit authorizations, the acceptance of product terms and conditions, as well as a host of other functions.

The LinX feature is currently in a phase 1 iteration, which allows you to do any of the following:

  • Collect customer information and create a new Customer Account.
  • Collect payment information and create a new Financial Account. You can create Financial Accounts for new or existing Customers.
  • Execute a financial transaction.

How Does LinX Work?

In phase 1, LinX handles the entire process of collecting customer and payment information, creating new Customer and Financial Accounts, and executing the transaction. LinX currently manages customer communications via SMS, with an email option to be added in the near future.

LinX supports push notifications to the Business Account with updates on the transaction status and other events. You can enable push notifications for a Business Account on the RocketKOR Portal.

To increase the security of transactions, LinX includes a passcode option. If enabled, LinX generates a passcode and sends the passcode to the initiating system. This passcode must then be communicated to the customer. The customer will be required to provide their passcode when they access the RocketKOR Gateway website.

  1. The Business Account calls the LinX API and provides partial details for the customer or payment information. For example, the Business Account may provide the customer’s mobile phone number or email address, and/or partial details for the customer’s debit card.
  2. The LinX API sends an SMS message or email to the customer. This message contains a link directing the customer to the secure RocketKOR Gateway.
  3. When the customer accesses the Gateway landing page, they are prompted to enter their passcode (if this option is enabled). Once the Customer clicks Continue, RocketKOR determines if there is an existing Customer Account and Financial Account for the customer.
    1. New customers are prompted to provide the remaining customer and payment information. RocketKOR creates a new Customer Account and Financial Account for the customer, and the customer is sent to the transaction confirmation page.
    2. Existing customers are sent directly to the transaction confirmation page. Customers are able to add additional Financial Accounts on this page if desired.
  4. Once the customer confirms the transaction on the Gateway, RocketKOR creates a new transaction. The transaction is executed on the RocketKOR platform. If push notifications are enabled, transaction status updates are sent to the Business Account.
  5. Once the transaction is complete, RocketKOR sends an SMS message or email to the customer confirming that the funds have been deposited.