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Push To Card Solution

What is the RocketKOR Push To Card Solution?

The RocketKOR Push To Card solution allows you to move money to business or consumer Mastercard and Visa debit cards as well as eligible Discover cards. These transactions are processed in real time.

How Does the Push to Card Solution Work?

A Send transaction is originated on RocketKOR using the Push To Card solution APIs or the RocketKOR Portal. RocketKOR then works with a Provider and a Sponsor to disburse the funds to the recipient. The following diagram explains the role of the Solution, Provider, and Sponsor for the Push to Card solution. It also shows how a disbursement transaction is processed for the Push to Card solution.

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Push to Card Solution: Transaction Creation, Disbursement, and Settlement

  1. A Send transaction is initiated on the RocketKOR platform via the APIs or the Portal. RocketKOR sends a disbursement request to the Provider.
  2. The Provider validates the RocketKOR disbursement request. The Provider service then sends a payment transaction request to the receiving financial institution holding the recipient card account.
  3. The Provider service uses the Master Settlement Account (MSA) provided by the Sponsor to settle the funds for the transaction. Funds settlement refers to the transfer of funds from the sender’s account to the recipient’s account.