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Solutions, Providers, and Sponsors

What are Solutions, Providers, and Sponsors?

You’ll see references to Solution, Provider, and Sponsor when working with the RocketKOR platform. The following diagram explains the role played by each of these entities.

Note  For details about the Provider and Sponsor roles in the Push to Card solution, see the Push to Card solution.

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Push to Card: Solution, Provider, and Sponsor Roles


A Solution refers to a product or service on the RocketKOR platform. For example, the RocketKOR Push To Card solution allows you to move money to business or consumer Mastercard and Visa debit cards as well as eligible Discover cards.

Some RocketKOR solutions employ a Provider and/or Sponsor.


A Provider refers to a third party who provides a product with functionality external to the RocketKOR platform. For example, a Provider product might manage communications with external financial networks.

A Provider has a unique ID on the RocketKOR platform.


A Sponsor refers to a third party that enables RocketKOR to integrate with a Provider and often provides additional functionality that the Provider cannot perform. Sponsors are usually regulated financial institutions.

For example, a Sponsor might provide a Master Settlement Account (MSA) that is used by the Provider to settle transactions originating on the RocketKOR platform.

A Sponsor has a unique ID on the RocketKOR platform.