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Payment Reasons: Push to Card Transactions

You must provide one of the following payment reasons when creating a Push to Card transaction.

Note  You can use the Payment Reasons API to retrieve the following list of payment reason IDs and short descriptions.


Short Description

Detailed Description


Emergency relief disbursements

Disbursements of emergency disaster relief funds from a business responsible for program administration to first responders (government or NGO personnel and volunteers) and beneficiaries designated by a government or NGO.


Healthcare disbursements

Disbursements of reimbursements for IRS-eligible healthcare expenses from an FSA/HRA administrator or clinical trial expenses from a clinical trial administrator.


Insurance disbursements

Disbursements of insurance claims from an insurance business to its insured customers.


Litigation and settlement disbursements

Disbursement of litigation or settlement payments from a third-party escrow agent.


Loan payouts

Disbursement of loan proceeds from a lender where the Originating Institution verifies on an ongoing basis that the lender: (i) is engaging in lawful lending activity in applicable jurisdictions; and (ii) follows responsible lending best practices such as: (A) transparency (i.e. clear loan pricing, nondeceptive marketing and communications, and adequate disclosures); (B) responsible products that consider the borrower’s repayment ability, involve nonusury effective APR rates, and include fair underwriting factors; (C) nondiscrimination in lending practices; and (D) non-abusive collection practices.


Payment of rebates

Disbursements of rebates associated with the purchase of goods and services by a business.


Payment of wages

Disbursement of compensation (e.g., salary, earned remuneration) from a business to its employees, contractors, or agents.


Reimbursement of customer expenses

Disbursement of amounts for incurred expenses or other losses from a business to customers (e.g., an airline compensating a traveler for lost baggage).


Sponsored pay advance disbursements

Disbursements of earned but unpaid compensation by a business that is authorized by the business/merchant that will owe compensation to a Consumer that is its employee, contractor or agent to advance funds to such Consumer where the Originating Institution verifies on an ongoing basis that the business: (i) has no legal, contractual claim or remedy against the Consumer if the Consumer is unable to repay; and (ii) will not engage in debt collection activities or report nonpayment to a consumer reporting agency.


Tax refunds

Disbursements of tax refunds (e.g., VAT) by a business that conducts such activity on behalf of a governmental organization.