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Retrieve a Transaction’s Status History


In this use case, we’ll walk through retrieving the status history for a transaction. A transaction’s status changes depending on where it is in the transaction processing flow.

This method returns the transaction’s current status as well as all of the statuses that have been historically assigned to the transaction.

API Operation


Send a request to the following endpoint:

GET /v1/transactions/{transactionId}/status

  • Include an Authorization header with your RocketKOR access token as a Bearer Token.
  • Use {transactionId} to specify the transaction ID. The status history of this transaction will be retrieved.
  • Request body is not required.

Sample Response

Returns an array of transaction status objects. Each object includes the transaction status, a success or error message related to the transaction, and the date/time the status was assigned to the transaction.

    "status": "NEW",
    "message": "string",
    "createdAt": "2022-06-06T21:56:52.467Z"